We’re buying toys!

That’s right, we want to buy your old and new, used or not TOYS!! We’ll buy almost any toys in almost any condition, with a few exceptions. We’re focusing on licensed property (think comics, cartoons, tv, movies, and sci-fi) action figures, statues, and collectibles. “Girl’s” Toys too!! It’s just easier to tell you what we’re NOT buying. We’re NOT buying: baby toys not based on a licensed property, vintage tin toys, generic die cast, trading cards of any kind (sport or non-sport), comic books and graphic novels, pogs, etc… Do you have old junk toys taking up space that you’d like to turn into cash? Or time to turn over that collection to get some new stuff? CONTACT US!

How to get started: simply send an email to
with a brief description of your items for sale, and if possible, a picture of the lot. We’ll get back to you to work out the details! We are currently making house calls in the New York metropolitan area.